Director / Animator / Illustrator / Designer
Jeff Bryson is a Director and Animator with a love for creating unique visual experiences. His passion for animation stems from its unlimited ability to tell stories and create new worlds. Jeff has worked with a wide range of mediums within the umbrella of animation and always strives to learn new techniques.

He is based in New York, but he was born in Orlando where he was exposed to the world of animation at a young age. With his artist mother, working on indie animation films, and regular trips to Disney World, where his father worked, he was in an ideal position to find his passion. After growing up in the 1990s, a golden age of TV cartoons, he studied at SVA. There he made his thesis film The Wild Wild Test, which was selected for 11 festivals including the Cannes Film Festival’s American Pavilion.

He has now worked in the animation industry for over a decade, currently working as Associate Creative Director and Animation Director at Brand New School. There he has helped create work for a plethora of clients including Google, Meta, Nike, Oreo, Hershey, Burt’s Bees and Lay’s.

His passion for animation is ever growing. Whether the next project uses traditional animation techniques or the latest technology in CG animation, Jeff is always excited to explore the unbridled possibilities that is the world of animation.